A business management solution for SMEs and Entrepreneurs

Logedo.com offers solutions for your manufacturing, buying, selling operations.
So, your employees works as a team and managers focus on their businesses.
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A navigation system for your business

Our productivity solutions enable you to keep the world turning, even during the challenging times.

Distribute tasks and get reports without even being a computer expert.

And hit your target each time.

For manufacturers

Manage your manufacturing cycle with ease

Plan with current conditions. Foresee inventory. Deliver on time, each time.

Logedo.com provides tools to define BOMs of your goods. Then you can calculate needed raw materials without a single click. Logedo.com informs you what and when you need a material. It's like miracle but real.


Create price requests from you suppliers. And make profit when buying.

Track each price of bought item with delivery dates. So your team schedule their businesses and accounting keeps the booking.